Get Certified With Clare Josa

Get Certified With Clare Josa

Clare Josa offers the world's only certification program to become an Imposter Syndrome Mentor. This is a post-grad (ILM Level 7) in-depth training for experienced coaches, therapists and mentors.

And she has a certified Imposter Syndrome First-Aider training (ILM Level 5) which is available to those without prior coaching experience.

Find out more about them below.

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Become An Imposter Syndrome First-Aider

  • How to spot Imposter Syndrome in a team member, even if they're hiding it well
  • Practical ways to help them press 'pause' on it, as an 'emergency stop'
  • Teach them how to 'Rewire Their Brain' to boost their confidence and make Imposter Syndrome less likely to strike
  • How to give 'Imposter-Syndrome-safe' feedback, especially in performance reviews
  • Learn Clare's unique Soultuitive™ Listening process to create breakthroughs by saying less

£2,495 + VAT per person. Available once a year on a public-access round (next round starts 25th April 2022), or in-house for a minimum of twelve places.

Become An Imposter Syndrome First-Aider / Natural Resilience Method® Facilitator

  • 30 CPD hours over 14 weeks, ILM level 5 course
  • Intermediate-Plus: Teach the Natural Resilience Method® 1:1
  • Proven online training (12 modules), 6 small-group calls, 3 marked assignments
  • Private forum, 6 small-group tutorial calls

This is perfect for line managers and HR professionals who want to be able to do more than just listen and sympathise, if someone is running Imposter Syndrome. This course certifies you to work 1:1 with people as an Imposter Syndrome First-Aider and 1:1 facilitator for Clare Josa's Natural Resilience Method®.

In this training (hybrid self-study & small-group calls), you'll spend 18 hours studying and about 12 hours putting what you learn into practice, including the small-group tutorial calls and three busy-person-friendly implementation assignments.

What you'll cover:

  • start by learning the Rewire Your Brain techniques for yourself, to start turning your inner critic into your go-to cheerleader
  • learn Clare's Natural Resilience Method process for helping others to do this, too, as well as slashing their stress levels and preventing burnout
  • essential strategies for become an expert listener, without keeping people stuck
  • 'emergency quick fix' methods that press 'pause' on Imposter Syndrome in under sixty seconds
  • longer-term strategies to help people to choose which thoughts to feed, so they dramatically reduce the self-sabotage that Imposter Syndrome can cause
  • be a leader in your organisation for removing the Imposter Syndrome taboo and supporting people to thrive

This course is available once a year for individuals on the public-access round (next round starts 25th April 2022), or in-house for a minimum of twelve delegates.

Become A Certified Imposter Syndrome Mentor

  • World's first Imposter Syndrome post-grad coaching and mentoring certification programme
  • Practical, inspirational, and designed to take your coaching skills to the next level
  • Certifies students as Imposter Syndrome Mentors at ILM Level 7

£7,995 + VAT per person. Runs once a year as a public-access course with individual places available (next start is 25th April 2022). Available as an in-house program for minimum 8 places.

Become A Certified Imposter Syndrome Mentor

  • 120 CPD hours over 12 months, ILM level 7 certified
  • Advanced, post-grad coaching / mentoring training
  • Proven online learning, private podcast, live calls and 1:1
  • Private forum, small-group taught calls, 1:1 sessions

In this unique twelve-month, part time programme, your in-house coaches will clear out their deeper blocks, including Imposter Syndrome, and learn how to step up to lead and help their colleagues to do the same.

The training programme includes:

  • online modules of video training & workbooks
  • in-person workshops (currently running virtually)
  • twice-monthly group mentoring calls for six months, then monthly for the next six months
  • quarterly 1:1 mentoring calls with Clare
  • six marked case studies (for the certification)
  • one year's certification, from the satisfactory completion of the case studies and post-case study interview

Runs once a year as a public-access course with individual places available (next start is 25th April 2022). Available as an in-house program for minimum 8 places.

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