Courses For Organisations – With Clare Josa

Courses For Organisations – With Clare Josa

Clare Josa has been running corporate training programmes since 2003 and she offers a range of in-house courses for SMEs, corporations and micro-businesses. These are all CPD accredited and the more advanced courses are ILM certified.

These courses include scalable solutions for:

  • confidence
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • preventing burnout
  • Clare's research-backed Natural Resilience Method® for growing thriving teams
  • plus bespoke training and consulting solutions

Clare also runs trainings that support your organisation to become self-sufficient, including her Imposter Syndrome First-Aider course, the post-grad Imposter Syndrome Mentor certification, and her Natural Resilience Method® Train-The-Trainer program.

All of Clare's courses are available worldwide as blended learning (self-study with online small-group tutorials) and many are also available face-to-face.

Clare has spent over a decade of pioneering designing high-impact online courses and over two decades creating in-person training that actually get results.

Current Courses & Bespoke Options:

Book Clare For A Keynote Talk

Bespoke Keynote Talk

  • Bespoke keynote talk
  • Extend the impact with additional training resources, tailored to your session
  • Post-event strategy meeting to support you with next steps


Bespoke Keynote Talk

  • 60-90 Minutes
  • Awareness-Building, Research-Backed Actionable Strategies + Q&A
  • Live Virtual Or In-Person
  • Includes pre- & post-event resources + strategy meeting

Clare brings her 18+ years of expertise as a professional speaker - both on-stage and from her decade of pioneering online keynotes and workshops - to deliver events that create lasting impact, for your audience and for your organisation.

In 2020 Clare's keynote speaking events took her from Salisbury to South Africa, before lockdowns took her work online. Virtual speaking is something she has pioneered for over a decade. She talks about ditching Imposter Syndrome, Soultuitive™ Leadership, and her Natural Resilience Method® for preventing burnout and growing thriving teams.

She is considered the UK's leading authority in Imposter Syndrome, having specialised in it for 18 years, including writing the best-selling book, Ditching Imposter Syndrome, and leading the landmark 2019 and 2022 Imposter Syndrome Research Studies. She is the author of eight books.

She has given speeches at venues as diverse as the European Parliament and the Institute of Directors, and speaks regularly at Women In Leadership events, as well as being a sought-after keynote speaker at conferences.

She has been interviewed by numerous podcasts and radio shows and her largest live audience was over 1 million, so she can handle a crowd.

And when it comes to virtual events, she is equally comfortable running a ten-person workshop as a keynote for 1,000 or more, and creates inspirational, engaging sessions.

Imposter Syndrome Awareness Training For HR Professionals & Line Managers

HR & Manager Training

  • What Imposter Syndrome is / isn't and how it differs from lack of confidence (based on data from the research study)
  • How to spot it in a team member, even if they're hiding it well
  • How to facilitate empowering, positive discussions about Imposter Syndrome in the workplace
  • How to determine whether they need longer-term support and what form would work best for them
  • Making feedback and performance reviews Imposter-Syndrome-safe

£500+VAT per person, online. Minimum 30 places for an in-house round, rather than joining the public-access tutorial calls.

In-person, full-day: POA.

HR & Manager Imposter Syndrome Training

  • 8 CPD hours incl. tutorial calls
  • Foundation, with practical, actionable strategies
  • Supported self-study (proven online training + tutorial calls)
  • 3 tutorial calls, with the option of these being in-house

The 2019 Imposter Syndrome Research Study showed that 52% of female respondents and 49% of male respondents struggle with it 'daily' or 'regularly'. Yet they're great at hiding it.

It affects people, performance, productivity and profit, causing rising stars to under-perform and it can turn teams toxic in just a few weeks, as well as triggering anxiety, increased staff turnover, and being one of three core factors in the gender pay gap.

This 4-hour virtual training teaches HR professionals and line managers:

  • what Imposter Syndrome is - and isn't
  • how to spot the warning signs
  • how to tell the difference between Imposter Syndrome and 'lack of confidence'
  • the ways it can affect performance, productivity, mental health and team dynamics, even if someone is hiding it
  • how to give feedback, especially in performance reviews, so it accidentally doesn't trigger Imposter Syndrome
  • how to tell who needs extra support and what the best form would be - creating scalable solutions
  • proactively supporting trigger points to prevent self-sabotage and to stop rising stars from quitting
  • and how to open up the discussion about Imposter Syndrome in the workplace, without turning it into a 'badge of honour' for poor performance.

When run in-house (minimum 30 places), this interactive online course comes with three tutorial calls with Clare, just for your team. If taken by an individual, they get three months' access to Clare's all-student Q&A calls.

It can also be run as an in-person training, which takes a full day, plus two follow-up calls, POA.

Natural Resilience Method®

Natural Resilience Method®

  • Prevent burnout, boost confidence, cut stress levels
  • Fully supported and proven to create breakthroughs, fast
  • Designed to work at deeper levels, each time a delegate resits it

£1,995 + VAT per person.

Instant access. Start creating breakthroughs by the end of the day today.

Also available as an in-house training for minimum 20 delegates, with upgrade to live calls with Clare Josa.

Natural Resilience Method®

  • 12 CPD hours over 6 weeks
  • Intermediate
  • Proven online training (6 modules), discussion forum, small-group tutorial calls, private podcast
  • 3 months of tutorial calls, with the option of these being in-house

AKA The Imposter Syndrome Bootcamp™ !

Rewire your body & your brain, to slash your stress levels, crank up your confidence, prevent burnout, and turn your inner critic into your go-to cheerleader. Six inspirational, practical modules. These are grounded in Clare's Natural Resilience Method® work. A delegate completing this course will get a certificate of completion for 12 CPD hours.

In this life-changing course, you'll discover how to:

  • press near-instant pause on stress and burnout, topping up your batteries without caffeine or sugar
  • rewire your brain to start turning your Inner Critic into a genuine cheerleader
  • rewire your body to release the subconscious addiction to stress, adrenalin and drama - supporting more positive self-talk
  • reset toxic boundaries and handle difficult people / energy vampires, without creating conflict or losing friends
  • become more of the real you, boosting your confidence and feeling more courageous
  • consciously create your future, with your new-found inner cheerleader

To book a single place, go to

To talk about running this as an in-house program (minimum 20 delegates), book a call with Clare.

Imposter Syndrome First-Aiders / Natural Resilience Method® Facilitators

Become An Imposter Syndrome First-Aider

  • How to spot Imposter Syndrome in a team member, even if they're hiding it well
  • Practical ways to help them press 'pause' on it, as an 'emergency stop'
  • Teach them how to 'Rewire Their Brain' to boost their confidence and make Imposter Syndrome less likely to strike
  • How to give 'Imposter-Syndrome-safe' feedback, especially in performance reviews
  • Learn Clare's unique Soultuitive™ Listening process to create breakthroughs by saying less

£2,495 + VAT per person.

Available once a year on a public-access round (next round starts May or November 2023), or in-house for a minimum of 20 places.

Become An Imposter Syndrome First-Aider / Natural Resilience Method® Facilitator

  • 30 CPD hours over 14 weeks, ILM level 5 course
  • Intermediate-Plus: Teach the Natural Resilience Method® 1:1
  • Proven online training (12 modules), 6 small-group calls, 3 marked assignments
  • Private forum, 6 small-group tutorial calls

This is perfect for line managers and HR professionals who want to be able to do more than just listen and sympathise, if someone is running Imposter Syndrome. This course certifies you to work 1:1 with people as an Imposter Syndrome First-Aider and 1:1 facilitator for Clare Josa's Natural Resilience Method®.

In this training (hybrid self-study & small-group calls), you'll spend 18 hours studying and about 12 hours putting what you learn into practice, including the small-group tutorial calls and three busy-person-friendly implementation assignments.

What you'll cover:

  • start by learning the Rewire Your Brain techniques for yourself, to start turning your inner critic into your go-to cheerleader
  • learn Clare's Natural Resilience Method process for helping others to do this, too, as well as slashing their stress levels and preventing burnout
  • essential strategies for become an expert listener, without keeping people stuck
  • 'emergency quick fix' methods that press 'pause' on Imposter Syndrome in under sixty seconds
  • longer-term strategies to help people to choose which thoughts to feed, so they dramatically reduce the self-sabotage that Imposter Syndrome can cause
  • be a leader in your organisation for removing the Imposter Syndrome taboo and supporting people to thrive

This course is available once a year for individuals on the public-access round (next round starts 7th November 2022), or in-house for a minimum of twelve delegates.

Stepping Up To Lead

Stepping Up To Lead

  • Turn your inner critic into a genuine cheerleader
  • Ditch Imposter Syndrome, once and for all
  • Clear out the hidden blocks that cause us to self-sabotage, as well as those self-imposed glass ceilings
  • Discover how to lead as all of who you really are, with courage, confidence and passion

From £4,995 + VAT per person.

Available as part of a 1:1 mentoring package with Clare Josa or one of her Certified Imposter Syndrome Mentors.

Can run in-house for a minimum of 12 delegates.

Stepping Up To Lead

  • 40 hours over 3 months, ILM Level 6
  • Advanced
  • Proven online learning (10 modules over 3 months), private podcast, live calls and 1:1
  • Private forum, small-group tutorial calls, 1:1 sessions

Finally set yourself free from Imposter Syndrome and step up to lead at the next level, increasing your impact and inspiring your teams, in changing times.

This course is ideal for managers who want to move into leadership roles, but for whom Imposter Syndrome is holding them back. This ground-breaking leadership development programme helps your leaders and rising stars to finally set themselves free from Imposter Syndrome and their secret, self-imposed glass ceilings, so they can become the leader they were born to be. In under 90 days. Even if they're super-busy.

The ten research-backed modules in this training have been proven to support delegates in achieving:

  • Being able to press 'pause' on stress and negative self-talk, to prevent burnout and pause their inner critic
  • Clear out the hidden drivers for Imposter Syndrome, so they can feel confident and courageous in their leadership journey
  • Influencing strategies, to increase their impact
  • Practical inspiration for leadership development topics including dealing with difficult people, getting nay-sayers on board, and communicating effectively with a wide range of personalities and cultures

Delegates should expect to make about two hours per week for this program. It is paced over three months, including integration weeks, and it's designed to fit around busy schedules, but to get results, it does require committing time, attention and energy, as with any course!

Delegates are fully supported, with a blend of small-group tutorial calls and 1:1 coaching sessions, either with Clare or one of her certified Imposter Syndrome Mentors. The tutorial calls can be run just for your in-house group, for a minimum of 12 delegates. 

Available as part of a 1:1 mentoring package with Clare Josa or one of her Certified Imposter Syndrome Mentors.

Can run in-house for a minimum of 12 delegates as a highly interactive leadership development programme.

Certified Imposter Syndrome Master Coaches

Become A Certified Imposter Syndrome Mentor

  • World's first Imposter Syndrome post-grad coaching and mentoring certification programme
  • Practical, inspirational, and designed to take your coaching skills to the next level
  • Certifies students as Imposter Syndrome Master Coaches at ILM Level 7

£8,995 + VAT per person. Runs once a year as a public-access course with individual places available (note: Imposter Syndrome First-Aider is a pre-requisite - next round starts May or November 2023). Available as an in-house program for minimum 10 places.

Become A Certified Imposter Syndrome Master Coach

  • 120 CPD hours over 12 months, ILM level 7 certified
  • Advanced, post-grad coaching / mentoring training
  • Proven online learning, private podcast, live calls and 1:1
  • Private forum, small-group taught calls, 1:1 sessions

In this unique twelve-month, part time programme, your in-house coaches will clear out their deeper blocks, including Imposter Syndrome, and learn how to step up to lead and help their colleagues to do the same.

The training programme includes:

  • online modules of video training & workbooks
  • in-person workshops (currently running virtually)
  • twice-monthly group mentoring calls for six months, then monthly for the next six months
  • quarterly 1:1 mentoring calls with Clare
  • six marked case studies (for the certification)
  • one year's certification, from the satisfactory completion of the case studies and post-case study interview

Runs once a year as a public-access course with individual places available (note: Imposter Syndrome First-Aider is a pre-requisite). Available as an in-house program for minimum 10 places.

Not sure which one of these is right for your organisation? Click on the button to go to a form to tell Clare more about which challenges you're looking to fix, and she'll get back to you with some suggestions.

Plus it's where to find her diary to book a short chat, which is usually the easiest way to figure out next steps.

Bespoke In-House Training

Book Clare To Run A Bespoke In-House Program

Face-to-face or virtual, and this can also be combined with consultancy.

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