Live Q&A Calls

Live Q&A Calls

Most of Clare’s courses come with monthly or fortnightly tutorial calls, where you can get answers to your questions, hot seat mentoring, and celebrate your successes with Clare and fellow students. These calls can help you with accountability and they’re perfect for if you need a little extra help to get unstuck. They’re your chance to pick Clare’s brain!



How Do The Calls Work?

The calls run via Zoom, so you can join from anywhere in the world. They are not recorded, for your privacy.

At the start, everyone puts their question in the chat and Clare answers them in turn. You’re welcome to be video-on or video-off, but you will be asked to have a conversation with Clare, rather than doing this via the chat.

Students often find they learn at least as much from others’ questions than from their own.

Once all questions are done, the call ends. It runs for up to an hour.


How Do I Find Out When The Calls Are?

If you have current access to these calls, you’ll get emailed a Zoom link the week before, with a reminder of the date and time. You’ll also be able to see the call schedule calendar, below.

If there’s no calendar showing, it either means your course didn’t come with tutorial call access or that the time period for which you had access has now expired.

But don’t worry – you can easily upgrade to get access for another year to Clare’s monthly student tutorial calls here.



Clare’s Monthly Student Calls

Please log in to see whether you have access.

You don’t currently have access to the all-student monthly tutorial calls. However, scroll down to see if other calls are included in your course.

If you want to upgrade to get twelve months’ access to the monthly calls, you can do that here now.




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